Big Bang at F1

It was a super great night. My manager helped me to get 2 F1 tickets from our client, and I brought Oi along with me to see BIG BANG!!!

I was feeling pretty whiny when I was thinking of going at first, imagining the sweat, the crowd, the screaming, well, I, for one thing really hates crowd. So I was feeling kinda sian-ed about going for the F1. Waited for 3 hours, as the show starts at 23.15, feeling uber bored. And for once in my 23 years of living, I first time really noticed the moon changes its location as the time goes. We were that bored.

And the revving of the F1 racing cars make it super hard for me and Oi to talk. Especially for the last 1 hour and 30 minutes when we were just standing there, and the real practice of F1 starts, we were practically yelling our heads off talking.

Okays, enough introduction, time for the visuals! I’m so glad I went for the F1. Wakaka.



I thought I had more shots of Seungri, turned out most of it are quite blurry. He said quite a lot of things, mostly nonsense hahas, but that’s just the way he is. And halfway through he gave up and said “I’m sorry, my English is terrible!” Hahas, but well, kudos to him for taking the effort to try though.


Actually by right it should be easy to take TOP, since he didn’t really move much. But I can’t really seem to get a good shot of him. I think mainly cuz he seldom head down to where we are standing, and when he do, he kept facing where the lights are shining on his face so I can’t manage to get a good shot.

And I think most people liked him, when he came out, everybody was screaming like hell, and when Taeyang’s image appeared on the screen, the scream got a lot weaker. Tsk, so biased (then again me also HAHA)


I have the least shots of Taeyang and Daesung. They kept standing at a farther end away from me. Not easy getting a shot of them. Halfway when I’m trying to take a picture of either of them, Seungri will suddenly appear in my camera. LOL


Keke though this is not clear, I like this shot though. Nice. And Daesung got a lot more shuai-er than before. I thought he looked more beefy on videos, but actually he’s quite small-sized also.



Ultimate highlight of the day, GD!!!!! His voice is a lot more higher than when I watched online. Super skinny, I think he should be lightest amongst all of them. Surprisingly I do have a few good shots of him. I don’t even remember when I took them ahahas.

Okay now for a few more pictures:

IMG_0423  IMG_0347 IMG_0377 IMG_0379 IMG_0385 IMG_0399 IMG_0418



And I’m so tired now hahas. Gotta go rush my assignment now xD


A Walk in the Admiralty Park

Just went to Admiralty Park with LEO this morning. And I’ve been suffering from a splitting headache since 8 hours ago. There wasn’t much good shots taken but yeah it was fun aside from the mosquito bites. And the weird feeling that we’re lost when we stopped in the middle of a random road, with trees on both sides. I should have taken picture of the weird place we were in but I forgot to.

We were totally overdressed for today. Short rainfall, and a little muddy trails, were expecting to have concrete paths, since it’s a park, so I thought it’s like Bishan Park kind of place. Well, think it feels more like a reservoir, well, it’s still a nice place to explore hahas. I’ve touched up on the photos already, not sure if you guys would want me to post it on Facebook or not, thus I think maybe its better to post here instead. Lemme show you guys the before and after pictures, feels like those online before and after make-up effect kind of photos :

IMG_0129_resize IMG_0129_resize

Still thinking whether to use this picture for silhouette or for framing. Cuz… honestly I think it’s harder to get a framing shot than a silhouette shot. Either way, I’d definitely keep this first and see what else can I come up with hahas.

IMG_0139_resize IMG_0139_resize

This might be a better picture for silhouette. But, I think if I actually submit these 2 photos for both silhouette and framing, my lecturer might just minus my marks for being too lazy LOL.

IMG_0236_resize IMG_0236_resize

IMG_0229_resize IMG_0229_resize

Actually should have asked Lynnette to stand further down the road and there will be like 2 frames. Argh, what a pity *roll on floor*. And seriously, I should print a A5 size of this picture and give it to Oi to pin it up on her room wall.

Not sure if I should use the below for framing cuz it doesn’t look nice at all. And while looking for framing shots, I realised Oi really have talent to become a stalker.

IMG_0205_resize IMG_0205_resize


Random girl duo / band. This should be used as an album picture man. The one with the cap the rapper, the other can be the background singer. And I’m just a camera-man taking pictures for their albums T.T

The above is chosen for my assignments, I’m contemplating which ballet picture to use for framing. In any case, I have 2 confirmed pictures for my assignment now, and 6 more to go.

Below are album pictures for L and O:

IMG_0153_resize IMG_0153_resize


IMG_0158_resize IMG_0158_resize

A girl running away from home. Should have cropped off the buildings too, so she’ll look like she’s lost in some greens.

IMG_0169_resize IMG_0169_resize

Oi, you have no idea how hard it is for me to adjust the setting colors, because your leg look damn sunburnt everytime I move up the color contrast.

IMG_0178_resize IMG_0178_resize


IMG_0190_resize IMG_0190_resize


IMG_0244_resize IMG_0244_resize


That’s it. Dudettes, if you all wan the pictures, tell me I’ll send it to ye.

I thought of a picture for “Pattern” already. Do you guys have any idea where to go to take picture of a spiral of stairs?

After editing the photos, it feels like the pictures that are taken with my camera are covered with a thin layer of grey veil. Ah~ The power of photo enhancement.




Lecturer: This is not cheating ah~ This is called “photo enhancement”..





Haw Par Villa (with the LEO)

Bravo! After delaying this trip for like half a year (as according to either Oi or Lynnette, I don’t remember who), we’ve finally made it to Haw Par Villa. It’s pretty disappointing, nothing much for us to see there, just random sculptures, very much like how I felt when I went to Buddha Park in Laos, I kinda thought there’s a lot of things there to look at haha. Well.. It’s free, so can’t complain haha.

I think the most interesting sight to see is the 18th level of hell thing, the tortures we’d go through after we’re dead to make up for all the sins we’ve committed in our present lives.

After seeing it, felt a little bit depressed, doesn’t really matter which sins are committed, as long as one sin is committed, the torture modules that are available all seems equally painful.. Anyways, cuz most of the torture sculptures are a bit on the gruesome and bloody side, I didn’t take much of them.

I realised.. I only took one of them, particularly disturbing for my case.

Cutting the person in half through the stomach

Look at the sins committed that will let the person go through this.

Guess the reason why. T.T

Really nothing much to talk about, and pictures speak a thousand words, so just look at the pictures. I’m too lazy to type LOL.

One of my favourite pictures, random posing

This is the bridge that we have to cross after we’re dead. Apparently there’s 2 bridges, the golden bridge is better, funny, I’ve always thought that there is only a bridge.

The “meng po” soup, which we drink before we get thrown into the wheel of reincarnation, this soup is to let us forget all the things that happened in our previous lives.

After we have fully repay what we have done when we were living (as in repaying the sins by going through the tortures), the King of Hades will then pass down the verdict to see if you’ll get reincarnated into a comfy life / unhappy life of human or as beast.

This is the wheel of reincarnation. Top left is random people life, top right is a life of luxury, middle left is fowls and critters, middle right is ox-es, pigs, goats etc, bottom right is sea creatures. And until now I still don’t know what’s the one on the bottom left, maybe reincarnated as fossils…?

Above taken randomly, we only put more effort in reading the signs when going through the 18th level of hell, and after that we were just roaming around, thinking of what to eat next after this entire trip haha.

And finally, self shots of ourselves~

This was taken by me, but I prefer the one below, taken by Oi Oi.

Initially I wanted to use this as my cover photo on facebook, but I realised, this picture looks nice when it’s not that zoomed in, and when posted on facebook, I just couldn’t find the right resolution. Resizing on Paint made the whole thing super unclear and gross. No photoshop with me, can’t help it haha.

Was a good walk, would have bring my kids (if I actually will have them in future) there for a walk before enrolling them into primary schools, quite a good motivational talk. Actually I should have just took down all the punishments when I was there, but when I look at the bloodied sculptures, just couldn’t bring myself to take pictures of them hahaha.

Oh yeah, guys, wanna go to Sungei Buloh? Seems like it’s the place where we went when we were in PHS?

Days out with LEOS / LOSErs

It was officially a day out with LEOS (note : it’s LEOS, not LEOs), or you can just regard it as LOSErs, because S was in the gathering 2 days ago with us. Surpringly (or not), but S managed to free up one of her days to meet up with us (claps for that). I don’t even remember when was the last meeting with her around.

Anyway, we had a pretty late dinner, because that damn O is only released at 7, and so we seated in the Starbucks Coffee waiting for her, with me and L crapping, and the S doing stupid thing like finding her transferring credits form for the 45 minutes we were there. After walking around in Marina Square, complaining that all of us are dying of hunger, not knowing what is there to eat, and with a budget as low as $20 (we managed to height it up in the end), we finally decided on this Suki-Ya restaurant.

It’s actually not bad at all. A shabu shabu buffet restaurant, which has 3 kinds of soups, Kimchi, Sukiya thing? ( sweet soy sauce) and some other random flavour. I didn’t really tried the sukiya thing, I prefer the kimchi though initially it tasted like hot water with red / orange coloring. Best thing was, there is cheese tofu (hehe). The meat was nice too, choices of chicken, pork and beef are given. For us, pork was a  popular choice because though we only ordered 1 chicken, half of it was left over after we ended the thing. And most of it ended up in the bottom of the pot (hoping that no one will discover it).

Basically it was more of catching up on S and O’s life. With them comparing with each other like whose internship suck more, whose stuffs are more shitty, who are a cheaper labour and things. In the end, I don’t really remember what made O’s internship sucks, but she won the “contest”, cuz she had to carry umbrellas around for the actors (you know, in those chinese historical dramas whereby eunuchs the palace maidens do when they stand beside the Royalty). Took cab down all the way to either east / west coast from Woodlands on a weekend to grab some random jacket thingy. We had a lot of fun laughing at her sufferings (she never fails to entertain us with her misery heh).

I could have reached home earlier and played a little of WoW (I’m sure by now you all should know I’m addicted to WoW). But it was a rare occasion that O and I could have some time talking face to face (because that damn girl gets released at 7 and stuffs). So we spent some time talking in the MRT station instead. We talked about a lot of things and most were h-related.

Conclusion is : O is also a big pervert afterall.

Chinese New Year

This is the time of the year that I really wish there’s this skip button which I can just press and it’ll goes on to the period after Chinese New Year ends. Or, specifically I only wanted the first day to be gone. It’s the day whereby we will have to go to different relatives’ houses, say “Happy Chinese New Year” to each and every person you saw (no matter old or young or same age, female, male, familiar faces or unfamiliar faces), do a lot of business-people-shaking-hands, transactions of mandarins exchanges, and receiving of ang baos (or giving for those who are married). 

If you’re the kind who like to bask in the existence of human beings, then this might be a happy occasion for you, because no matter which house you’re in, you can definitely feel “humans” around. It’s a day which you’re least likely to get haunted (because of all the yang energy the huge amount of humans giving out, all hantus will shun away).

But for me, a person who would rather much stay at home to play WoW. This is a day of torture for me. Well yeah, a lot of people will say, “c’mon man, you’ll get the ang baos”. Yeah, that’s really the only thing that made me move my ass, in fact, I’d prefer just moving my butt to the next block (to where my big uncle is, who I like the most and give the ang bao money the most) and then just go back home to WoW. And obviously, that’s just what I want, and we do know that ideal is something that’s quite impossible to reach.

Anyway, my bro said that’s cuz I’m suffering from “WoW withdrawal symptoms”, apparently he suffered from this before a few years back. But if this is the case, I’ve always had this symptom since 10+ years ago and I doubt WoW was out then.

I was always a withdrawn human being, and I’m pretty fine with living this way, it’s just that I feel offended when I’m being told “f-ed up” for the way my life is lived. Everybody have their own styles/ways of living, you might have thought that my life is f-ed up, but to me, your life is also f-ed up. The basic courtesy you can do is keep your damn opinions to yourself and continue your own f-ed up life. I don’t need people to tell me what I’m supposed to do. You might not like how I think/behave, but neither do I like your way of living. 

Happy Chinese New Year, people.

Have a prosperous year ahead.