Inside Out



Woo hoo! There it issssss!

The first movie Pixar’s made since 2 years back (Monsters University)! And it is goooood!

I wasn’t really expecting much from this movie, I’ve seen the trailer before when I was watching a movie few months back and didn’t quite understand what was going on, nor remember anything about the trailer actually. Taking into consideration that Pixar haven’t been coming up with good movies, I’ve assumed that the good writers had probably switched company and went to DreamWorks.

And my oh my, Inside Out is actually quite interesting. It shows the main emotions that are actually running a person’s mind, and how our actions are affected by emotions, and how all these emotions form a part of our personality. The best part is when we are led to take a glimpse into the brains of other people and showed their internal emotions working.

I’m thinking that the anger emotion character would probably be the biggest in my brain.

Anyways, I’m proud of myself for not really tearing up at the end of the movie where there is usually a cliche touching part that tricks the tears out of you. I’ve heard a lot of sniffling sounds during that moment, so I was like thinking, “Hey, good job me, for not tearing up.”

Recommend that you all watch this show, and please Pixar, continue to hold your standards.








PS: Why is there a Toy Story 4???????? Isn’t it supposed to be done????? I mean,  that’s the reason why I felt that it won over so many animation movies like the Shrek, Ice Age, Madagascar that never ever seemed to end. And now Pixar is milking their movies too. Gosh.


Les Misérables



To my surprise, I never blogged about this movie before. I thought I did, and I went to search my blog posts at least twice to trying to find myself blogging about this movie, but apparently I didn’t blog about it at all.

Probably completely forgot  about this movie.

Anyways, now that I’m listening to this musical recently like almost everyday, think I should probably blog about this show. It’s always interesting to blog about horrible movies than the ones that are good, I usually have nothing to write about the good ones cuz I’m usually just asking people to go watch them and thus usually don’t want to write too much about it.

I’ve recently just mentioned to a few people that I’d rewatch Les Miserables than to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 again, I’m going to take back that claim. To be honest, I really cant decide which one am I going to rewatch if I really had to watch any of these. (and then again why am I putting myself in a situation where I have to like choose between the 2) I think it’s because this movie was watched so long ago, I forgot how Misérable I felt while watching this show.

So, to renew the deep feelings I have for that show, I went to re-listen to the soundtrack, and that’s after I heard quite a lot of the 10th year anniversary version (which is considered one of the best). And oh goodness, this is why I cannot decide which is worst, Mockingjay or Miserables. In any case, if you guys wanna try to listen for yourself, you can find it on Spotify, I think the tracks to look out for are these:

– Fantine’s Arrest
– Who Am I?
– Fantine’s Death
– The Confrontation (this is like the classic)
– Master of the House
– On my own
– Epilogue (this is quite important also, the last finale song)

Compare these tracks from the 2 versions and you will be able to see why I say the movie sucks.

My friend told me the good thing is I’ve watched the movie first before listening to the 10th year anniversary, else I probably won’t last long in the theatre. Yea, I agreed with that.

Anne Hathaway’s version is okay, she’s putting a lot of emotions into her singing, a bit exaggerating but still bearable.

As for Hugh Jackman, I have no idea what is he trying here. Actually I probably understand, before the actors go into acting in this movie, they’ve probably heard all the different version, and they probably don’t want to sound too much like any other version and created their own instead. I think partly the reason why I’m okay with Anne Hathaway’s is because hers is very much like the 10th anniversary’s (which might not be a good thing for her. Or not. I don’t know, really care also).

I think I actually like to force myself to do strange things that I don’t like. I kept comparing the 2 versions of “Epilogue” and while the 10th year anniversary’s is longer than the movie version (at a 9 minutes length), and the movie’s at a 8 minutes length. But it felt like time moves so slow when I’m hearing the movie’s version.

Seriously, just don’t watch the movie.


But please go listen to those I’ve mentioned and let me know your thoughts on it =D

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1

I think I haven’t blogged for a long time. Not sure why, I feel like I’ve shook off the habit of blogging now. Even on weekends, when I’m not studying, I could have find the time to blog, but it just didn’t occur to me about blogging. And then I end up spending whole day rewatching some TV series.

Thus, now have to try to find back the blogging habit, cuz don’t really leave this blog to die.


(May contain spoilers, so you can don’t read on if you’re planning to watch)

I’m behind on so many movies, and I kinda get what Oi Oi said when she blogs about movies / books even though me and Lynnette sometimes don’t go through them (Probably Lynnette does sometimes, my frequency is probably lesser than sometimes). It’s so that we can look back on what movies we’ve watched before, and remember what kind of nice / painful memory we’d gone through when watching it. Sometimes I’m shocked to see I’ve actually watched some certain movies before and flushed it away from my memory completely (have no memories of it at all).

I’ll do the backtracking again when I feels like it. But I should blog about this now while it’s still quite recent.

I was bored for the first movie, it was pretty slow paced, but not that bad, it was the introduction to the whole idea of the Hunger Games. And then I think it got better in the second one, I can’t really remember how I did felt throughout the whole show, but the last scene which shows a close up on Jennifer Lawrence’s face was the impact for me, as I find her expression awesome. The transitioning of a lost panic expression, to emotional struggle as to what’s going to happen, and the look of determination (like she finally made the decision on what she should do).

So I thought the third one is going to be great. I thought I’d probably see a fired up Katniss, probably training for a fight? I think I was generally expecting a really nice tension, or a good preparation for a good fight. What I’ve gotten is 2 hours of neutered Katniss going around acting like a distraught woman who kept going back and forth on her decision. I could have understand if this was shown at fist first 30min-1hour of the show. BUT NOT FOR FRIGGING 2 HOURS.

I get it, she wanted to save her mother, her sister and most importantly Peeta, who has been caught by the Capital. As much as I get it, and she probably get it but refuse to accept it, she can only do so if the whole Capital is being turned over yos, there’s like thousands and thousands of people dying while she’s just acting like a distraught woman all over the place.

Throughout that 2 hours, I’m forced to watch “The Making of the Mockingjay”, halfway through I felt like I’m watching a documentary, where they go around in the woods, mountains, waterfall, ruins, visiting patients. Hey dude, am I watching Hunger Games of the documentary on Salvation Army. As the Resistance was trying to promote Katniss as their mascot Mockingjay, a public figure that inspires people to fight for their freedom, Katniss was assigned a camera crew, to film her going around making Presidential visits to injured patients. No serious, there is a camera crew. So they can like film her and broadcast these clips to people and make them join the Resistance.

Then you will see this short intervals whereby Katniss is like the Bella in New Moon, torn between 2 guys. As Peeta is in the Capital now, so obviously she has no one to turn to except for Gale (the guy from her childhood, as obviously has something going on until Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games and started romancing with Peeta, which Gale just watched on and can’t do anything about it), so she kinda started seeking comfort in him. Granted, it was much better than New Moon (I didn’t watch it but I read it so I know how bad it is) because New Moon is probably 2 hours on THIS triangle relationship.

The Capital seems like such a powerful government, that they have satellite cameras which are able to track down Katniss while doing her visits at the hospital, but completely safe when they’re out in the open everywhere else, while making her propaganda marketing films.

Argh, this show was such a mess, I have no idea, why do they want to make it into 2 parts when they can obviously film it into 1 movie. Okay I do know why, cuz of the money. But seriously, there’s just no content at all. Can you imagine if they only filmed Lord of the Rings now? There will probably be like 12 movies instead of 3. UGH.

Conclusion: This is a total disaster, I’d honestly just watch Les Miserbles again for the second time. I still feel the agitation when talking about how bad the movie is. Yikes.

It’s like the movie is mocking me.

Frozen + Hunger Games : Catching Fire

Okay I needa stop procrastinating and start blogging, I kept feel like slacking all the time even though I have tons and tons of things to do, I have no idea how am I going to start school in a month’s time. Anyways, out of point, I’ll get to that in a couple more posts (gotta settle this and Aus trip first).


This show is really… kinda disappointing. I’m not sure is it cuz I haven’t seen the trailer before watching this, I had no idea what to expect or the movie, and absolutely no idea what the whole show is about.

I watched another movie with the exact same name, and that was like the top 10 worst movies I’ve seen, this might well be up there also. Really, I’m not sure if the movies qualities are getting more and more bad or just my expectations getting higher and higher. Usually I’m quite okay with animation movies, because usually animation movies doesn’t suck as much as real movies.. I’m reminded of Epic.

Moving on. I think Disney is trying too hard to incorporate music into the movies, like how they used to do Disney classics, which were brilliant. I find Tangled okay, the songs are not bad (except those with the fake mother singing, I just didn’t quite like her voice and it’s kinda annoying to me hahas), and I enjoyed watching Tangled. But this is just… weird. The songs don’t sound nice, and it’s definitely not catchy. Actually, I don’t even remember what songs are there now.

The only part I like about this movie, is when Erza (the older sis, who is the one with the freezing ability) decided to let herself out and stop refraining herself. The change was kinda amazing, she used her ability (that controls ice, generate ice and basically everything to do with ice) to build an ice castle, with all the icy decorations and thingies, and then all of a sudden she had the ability to create clothes out of nothingness (unless you’re telling me her clothes are made of ice) but I think it’s a very small detail that nobody really fixate on. And.. her make up changed.

Somehow, I really thought this show consist of 2 female leads and 2 male leads, I’m not even sure if the last part is considered a twist or not because I totally didn’t expect it. I know twists are called twists because nobody expects them, but the last part came a bit abrupt to me, a sudden twist out of nowhere. And… Isn’t the older sis the female lead? I have no idea how come in the end seems like it’s the younger sis who is the lead.

I think… only the effects are amazing for this movie.. I guess.. I’m not sure what else to praise hahahas.

The only song that’s nice of the show.

For a moment, I thought she’ll build out the castle of the Disney’s icon.


I think I prefer this more than the first one. Actually both shows rendered me bored throughout the whole thing, but there were more interesting parts for this than the previous one.

It’s actually a first for me to find a show being both boring and interesting. Movies recently are getting longer and longer in duration but is there really a need for that? Somehow I feel like the movie is very draggy. After some time of watching the show and I got bored midway, I can’t remember which part was that, but I squinted to look at my watch to see what time is it, and holyyyyyy gawd, it’s only 1 hours. Okay, well, at least I managed to survive the whole show without looking at my watch for the first hour. I think I started looking at my watch 20 minutes into watching City of Bones, I think watching documentary of bones would be more interesting.

One thing to note is that, Peta and Katniss seem more like a couple now, and the childhood guy friend person look more and more like Chris Hemsworth now, I’m just staring to see which angle of him resemble his brother more.

I got bored mostly of the touchy parts, whenever there are some “romantic” (not to me) scenes appear where there are random kissing and cuddling, I got super bored. And I kept getting constantly reminded of the love triangle thingy in Twilight’s New Moon movie, where Bimbo was flirting with both Jacob and her imaginary figment of Edward (I didn’t watch the movie, I read the book, which I think is 10x worst than movie). My friend got a little upset that I compared this show with Twilight, but I really can’t stop comparing the love triangle though I do agree that they did try to keep it to a minimum because there were just so many other things that Katniss is worried about.

I like the part where the bizarrely-dressed rich people were offering some vomit-induce pills / thingy to Peta when he said he were too full for more food, so that he can vomit out what he just had to take in more variety of food – because this is exactly what is happening in reality isn’t it. Oh yeah, and my other favorite part was when they went to the first district where she said what she felt to the family who had lost their kids (the dark-skinned little girl who was helping her in the first movie) and a guy raised his hand and whistled the tune, only to get dragged away, I teared up at that point.

Come to think of it, I teared at a few parts, including the parts where I got bored and yawned so hard some liquid formed in my eyes, the touching parts wasn’t that touching enough to drive me over the edge though, so it’s just a little.

Anyways, it’s a nice buildup to the subsequent movies, I’m already looking forward to the third one already.

One thing to really look forward to is that Jennifer Lawrence’s acting is really good. The whole movie (at least this) really depended on her acting skills, a lot of her emotions, feelings, struggle, I love the last part where her facial expression changes from devastating grief into a look of determination to revenge. Felt like a revolution leader in the making. LOL.

I keep having this feeling that it’s not Sunday night today, and that I don’t have to go to work in 9 hours’ time. But the sad fact is that I have to. Depressing.

Scream 4 – Movie Review


(Just realised that the poster is in some other random language, I’m too lazy to take the effort to update this crappy movie’s poster)

This was showed on Channel 5 yesterday and I watched it with my dad, I missed out the first 15 minutes, but I guess it’s not that important anyways, slasher movies are mainly on … … … slashing people? I guess missing 1 or 2 won’t matter.

I think I did watched the first movie before (I think so…), it’s just that most of the slasher movies are very similar to each other, even the “When a Strange calls”? It’s kinda the same thing, erm… with lesser people killed I think.

Anyways, this whole movie had so many illogical points, I have no idea why did I even finished watching this.

I think for one thing, people become 500% more vulnerable in slasher movies, whereas compared to action movies, the people in there become 500% stronger, but well, since I’ve been in a brawl fight before, I’m not sure on the scale of 0-100 of 0 being tofu, and 100 being a brick, which number will a real normal human being stand (not taking into account those people with big muscles). So let’s just skip the part of people being easily killed in this show, because most of them don’t even put on a good fight / struggle.

It seems boring and okay at first, and then killings started. There’s this woman in the car park (where the audience already kinda can guess that she’s the culprit) alone, with no background music, eerily loud echo sound, dark and secluded and she’s walking to her car, and she got a mysterious call from the killer, saying she’s gonna die or something (I don’t even remember what’s the dialogue), amazingly, she managed to rush to the car and got herself inside.

Okay, at this point of time, the usual cliche is that the killer is behind her and is gonna grab her neck and slit her throat or something. The writer managed to surprise me though, because instead of going the usual cliche way, they totally went out of the way. The. killer. actually. appeared. right. in. front. of. the. front. view. glass. So apparently, the killer was sprawled all on the top of the car and just showed his face at the front. No.. really.. why? Because logically, if I’m the driver, I’d definitely just start up my car to knock him off right? So… why? I’d rather they go the usual cliche way, because that’s so much more logical. Let’s ignore this part.

This woman, in the car, actually, I don’t know, maybe we just have different logic. Instead of double checking to see that all the locks to the car are locked. This genius, she actually came OUT of the car (when it’s been damn f*cking clear that the killer is outside. Woman, the killer IS outside!! What the hell are you going out for???)


I literally did this in front of my tv, literally. Because. it. was. so. damn. retarded. It’s a killer!!! Woman, this killer had been reported to be killing people around the town, and he even dropped you an fyi of wanting to kill her. I nearly said out the f word, but I was vaguely aware of my dad beside me, so I changed to “hell” at the last second.

Okay, so she came out, and actually tried to ran to the exit of the carpark. Why???????????? Okay never mind, let’s just look over this weird incident and pretend this woman never existed in the show.

Another part that made me wanna scream is when this random writer (who is also the sheriff’s wife but that’s not important at all) who had a writer’s block, she want to use, observe, get inspiration, find idea, write a story based on the killings (I think, honestly no idea wtf she’s trying to do). So anyways, based on previous Scream 1 2 3 ∞, the main protagonists (including this writer, okay she’s not that random, but anyways this whole movie seems like a bunch of random people to me anyways, except for the mask itself) deduced that the killer will go to a local Halloween party for a killing spree.

So this random writer went to the party and setted 4 cameras to record down of any killings that might happen. Then again, Killer aside, does this woman has any moral beliefs? She want to record down the killer killing people? *rub temples* Actually, I’m not sure are we going to just catch the killer? Because viewing this on many different perspectives, this writer seems a bit …. <insert bad adjectives here> to me. Okay, let’s just not fixate on any malfunction of moralities here and move on.

Back to the retarded plot, this writer set up the cameras and went back to her car to spy through the cams.. So… After a while, one by one, her camera are blocked out by something, until the last camera, she turned the camera around just in time to see the killer’s mask before the camera was blocked out too. She called her hubby (the sheriff, okay, thus I have to mention it earlier for this) to tell him that she saw the killer and blah blah what not. For some reason, the females in this show all seem to aspire to become retards / dumb shits / bimbos / stupid the heroines of the town. After they both hung up on each other (I don’t remember what’s the order of the hanging up, no one cares), 2nd genius went back to the place to fix the cameras. Really, went back in bare-handed, the only person 2nd genius informed is her husband who are like at least a few km away and might / might not rush here because he can’t wait for the dumb fuck to die. he didn’t quite believed what she said.

Get this, 2nd genius went back to the place where she set up her cameras, single-handed-ly, bare-handed, to fix her cameras that. are meant for recording the killings of others. She saw the killer blocking off the cameras. and she went back to the place to fix her cameras. she saw the killer in the camera. she went back there to fix it. bare handed. alone.

3vrnn6 (love these memes)

Fine, who am I to judge how they should live their lives anyways. Just do whatever you geniuses want. I bet the killers can’t even find a great sense of accomplishment killing them.

Please turn off logic brain next time when you’re watching stupid shows like this.

Then again, just skip it.

I just wanna give myself a pat for actually seeing through to the end of this movie.

Actually wait, when you think about it. This movie does has a fitting title, it literally makes you wanna scream in pain over its ridiculous plot.