I have no life

I wish I can blog about something more interesting, or even shit talk about a shitty movie that I’ve watched recently. But, I’ve just been so busy at work that the most interesting thing that I’m doing recently is watching Spongebob Squarepants.

Have been totally exhausted at work. It’s kind of like my engine has been turned to turbo mode which spans for like a period of a few months, I think that engine is slowly going into a “FXXT IT” mode, running slower and slower and I think I just want to have a short holiday in my room.

“Feels like an overly abused hamster being made to run the wheel everyday”

“Then you stuff food in your mouth lor”

On the other hand, have been reading actively on the news in America recently. America is like comedy fodder for so many people right now. Few tens of years down the road, I think we’ll have a textbook example of why you don’t just anyhow vote for people.


SOPA Strike

And… the general public managed to fend off the SOPA(stop online piracy act) from taking effect. Had been reported that US congress are dropping the bills thanks to popular sites like Wikipedia, WordPress, Reddit, Google, Tumblr and many other sites protesting against this policy.

Phew, luckily, if not we will have more trouble than now to grab things from online anymore, imagine Wikipedia down, a lot of people (especially students) will have a lot of trouble getting information for their studies. At least I think I remembered getting information from Wiki before for some of my school work before. And imagine having extra difficulty grabbing songs / movies off the internet (oops! This is still illegal, but yeah).

Anyway, congratulations!!!


Japan Disaster


Just thinking of sharing the link for people to donate money to help Japan. I don’t really like watching news, but coincidentally I have been watching the news for these few days and I felt very sad for them.

I thought that we could have do more for them, I understand that it might not easy to find people to go to a dangerous place to help people, but at least we could have give more donation funds to them. Anyway, it’s also saddening to go to FaceBook everyday and see people complaining about small little things in their lives and not even mentioning about the disaster.

If anything is to happen to Singapore, the people would definitely be in for a loss, with half of the population flying back to their own countries, and the remaining people who would not know what to do because we are too well fed, I think most people would have flown away too. When will we ever to be like Japan who would stay together as a country when disaster befalls? Maybe ten thousand years later.

Ayz, watching the news make me wanna to cry.

Add : Ah, just realised a lot of organizations are helping to collect funding for Japan, so it’s not that bad afterall.